U.S. Army Heraldic Crests

We will display 2nd Armored Division unit crests below. If you have a better picture of any of the ones we show below, send it in and we will replace the one we have with yours. If you have a unit crest that you cannot identify, email in a photo and we will try to tell you what unit it represents. Even if you cannot send a photo just send us the motto, we can identify most crests. (All shown below were attached to the 2nd Armored Division at one time or another).

66th Armored Regiment " Semper in Hostes"

67th Armored Regiment (no motto), originated in 1923.

Greetings, I just looked at the unit crests page and saw that you list the 67th Armor Regiment as “No Motto.”  During the 1980s we used “Death and Destruction” as the Regimental Motto and referred to the 1st Battalion as the “Death Dealers.”  The 3rd Battalion was “Hell’s Hounds.”  I remember this matched what I had seen at Fort Knox as the scrolled legend “Mors et Destructio” with the crest on walls at the Armor Training Brigade. The 1st Battalion originally adopted the image of the Carlos Franzetta “Death Dealer” print that was later transferred to III Corps (Gen. Crosby “Butch” Saint) and renamed the Phantom Warrior.  We had a likeness of the print painted on a large rock at the entrance to the battalion area.  Being a Life Member of the Hell on Wheels Chapter of the 2d Armored Division Association was a right of passage for officer and NCO leaders in the 1/67.

During this time the 1st Battalion 67th Armored Regiment was under the leadership of LTC (now LTG) Larry Jordan, LTC Pete Murray and LTC Dan Layton.  In 1988 the Battalion S-3, MAJ Reynolds, created an original piece of artwork that was placed on coffee mugs, hats, and embroidered patches.  MAJ Reynolds superimposed a grim reaper image over the unit crest holding five cards spelling DEATH.  The corner of each card included “HHC” “A” “B” “C” and “D” in sequence.  A golden scroll over the top reads “1st Battalion 67th Armor Death Dealers.”  It was hugely popular with the soldiers of the battalion and sales supported the family program.  My current jacket includes this patch on the right shoulder and Hell on Wheels on the left.

  The 1st battalion survives with the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood.  Hopefully, the fine collection of historic mementos also survives in their care.  3/67 was always complaining that we had an unfair share of the goodies.

Major Ralph Trenary , Colorado Army National Guard

“Red Leader” 1st Platoon Delta Company, 1986-1988

41st Infantry Battalion (Straight and Stalwart)

92nd Armd. FA Bn. 

142nd Armored Signal Co. Bn "Flexibilit")

17th Armd. Engineer Bn. (We Pave The Way)

78th Armd. Field Artillery Bn. "Semel Et Simul"

82nd Reconnaissance Battalion "Audacia Cum Prudentia"

82nd Armored Recon Bat.
(Photo supplied by SFC Jose Ramirez - Germany)

2nd Squadron 1st Cavalry "Animo Et Fide" (Courageous and Faithful)

124th Maintenance or "Blacksmith Battalion".

502 MP Company