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On 15 July 1940, the Division was activated, made up as follows and with the following officers commanding its major forces:

Second Armored Division: (Commanded by Major General Charles L. Scott.) Division Hdq. and Hdq. Co., Division Service Co., 48th Signal Co.. Second Armored Brigade: (Commanded by Brigadier Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.) 66th Armored Regiment (Light), 67th Armored Regiment (Medium)., 68th Armored Regiment (Light). Division Control: 41st Armored Inf., Regiment, 14th Field Artillery Regiment (Armored), 78th Field Artillery Bn. (Armored), 2nd Reconnaissance Bn., 17th Engineer Bn. (Armored), 17th Ordnance Bn., 14th Quartermaster Bn. (Armored), 48th Medical Bn

On 8 January 1942, following its reorganization after the Carolina Maneuvers, the Division was made up as follows Hdq. 2nd Armored Division, Division Headquarters Co.  with CC "A" and CC "B". Division Service Co., 142nd Signal Co. (formerly 48th). Division Artillery, 14th Armored FA., 78th Armored FA., 92 Armored FA., Division Trains & Hdq. Co., 48th Armored Medical Bn., 2nd Armored Maintenance Bn. (formerly 17th Ordnance Bn.). 2nd Armored Supply (formerly 14th Quartermaster Bn.)17th Engineer Bn., 41st Inf. Regiment, 66th Armored Regiment, 67th Armored Regiment, 82nd Reconnaissance Bn., (formerly 2nd Reconnaissance Bn.). Please note some of the above are named below and are the same, only difference are titles, we are showing them as they were that year or period.

List of units that at different times during World War 2 were assigned to the 2nd Armored Division. 

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1st Ranger and 4th Ranger Bns, *14th FA., *17th Engineer Bn., 24th Reconnaissance Squad, Mechanized (-1 Troop), 36th Medical Bn. (detachment),* 41st Inf. Regiment, (Lineage)* 48th Medical Bn., 51st Medical Bn. (detachment), 62nd AFA Bn., 65th Armored FA. Bn., *66thArmored Regiment ("E" Co. 2 Bn.). *67th Armored Regiment, 68th Armored Regiment,* 78th FA., 82nd Reconnaissance Bn.,82nd Engineer Combat Bn (see "It's a Fact" for the details) *92 FA., 99th Separate Inf.  Bn. (used in special Task Force of Lt. Col. William Stokes, Sept 1944 ) . 106th Coastal Artillery Bn. (AA self Propelled). 129th AAA "G" Bn. Batteries "C" & "D" (90mm).*142nd Signal Co.,165th Signal Photo Co. (detachment "F"). The *195th AAA, 258th Field Artillery Bn., 291st Engineer Combat Bn., 333rd Inf. Regiment, 377th Inf. Regiment (Co. "B" & "C"). 406th Inf. Regiment (2nd Bn), 448th Armored Medical Bn. (detachment). 502nd CIC Detachment. (2 officers, 14 enlisted men). *702d Tank Destroyer Bn., Maintenance Bn., Supply Bn., 608th QMGR Co. (2nd Plt.), 957th FA Bn. and was attached to the 2nd Armored from 12 Dec. 1944 to 17 Jan.1945. 6901 ECAD., D-9 Detachment, Co. "B", *Headquarters 2nd Armored Division, *Division Headquarters Co., *Division Service Co., *Division Ord, *Trains Headquarters, *Combat Command B/ St..Lo Brigade, *Combat Command R Division Artillery, *Division Quartermaster, *2nd Armored Division Band.

(Code * normal regular units of the 2nd Armored Division).

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After World War 2:

1950 thru 1954: 2nd Armored Division Combat Command B:, 1954 to 1996: 2nd Armored Division. *B/67, 2nd Bn.., Armored Regiment 1991. *3/67 Armored Regiment 1950-1990.

The following units were at one time part of the 2nd Armored Division in different time periods: there are more. Please inform us if you were a member of any unit that was attached to the 2nd Armored Division that is not listed in this section.

Also included as they were attached to our division, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Training Bn. (PROV). 2/1 Cavalry (Blackhawk), 2nd Quartermaster, (FWD) HHB in the 4th Bn. 3rd FA  from Garlstedt as far back as 1979, or the early 80's at the latest, 1987-1988 in Garlsted, Germany,.I served with  A  Btry 1st Bn 3rd FA 2nd AD.    1977 - 1978.    I was stationed at Ft. Hood,TX and participated in the Brigade 75  Operation in 1978, stationed at Grafenwohr, Germany.. 3rd Armored FA/1st Bn., 4th Bn. / 6th Inf., 6th Tank Bn.1945-50,. HHB 2AD DIVARTY, HBtry,25th FA (Target Acquisition), 45th Chemical Company, and A Btry, 92nd FA (MLRS).  "..9/1 FA (provisional), made up of the following units; HHB 2AD DIVARTY, HBtry,25th FA (Target Acquisition), 45th Chemical Company, and A Btry, 92nd FA (MLRS)." , 11th DPD at Ft Hood in the 60's.The 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry was the only unit from 2AD, that served in Vietnam (1967-1970). (68-70) This Data Processing Det/ kind of revolutionized the way the division conducted it's business by having a field transportable computer as the hub of all admin and logistical communication. 12th Armored Inf. Bn., 14th Quartermaster, The 15th Cav. became 2nd Squad, 1st Cavalry, 16th Armored FA,1st Bn, , 27th MST, 29th M. Tank Bn., 35th Armored, 3/41INF 1985,1986 information 42 Armored Inf. Bn., 43rd Armored Inf. Bn. (1951-56, Baumholder, Ger) 44th CML Co (Gulf War) .50th Armored Inf. Bn., / Armored Rifle Bn., 57th Tank Bn.,58th Armored Inf. Bn. 1960., 60th (8th Bn.) Air Defense Artillery. Later the 8th Bn., 60th Air Defense Artillery was redesignated in Sept. 1942 as the 2nd Bn. 5th Air Defense Artillery, .87th Armored FA., 87th Chemical Detach, 94th AAA Bn., 124th Main Support Bn., became part of the 2nd AD and moved to Ft. Hood TX in 1993 .124th Ord. Bn., 173rd Air Reconnaissance, 207th Engineer Combat Bn., 246th Engineer Combat Bn., 2/152AR. A round-out battalion for 2nd Armored from 1981 -1994,  256 Inf. Brigade, LA National Guard unit but still part of 2nd Armored. 309th Engineer Bn. (1st Pl. Co. "A"). 309th Medical Bn. (Co. A"). 310th Signal Bn., 443th AAA., 498 Support Bn. FWD, 502 Military Police C., 502 Replacement Co., 502 Aviation Bn., 502 Administration Co., 502 S & T, 27th FS Bn., 502 FS Bn., 502nd Military Intell. Co. I was an image Interpreter (96D20) for that unit from 1973-1975, .522 Military Intelligence, 508 Armored FA. Bn., 588 MI Detachment, 1987-89. 588th Engineer Bn. 1993..1974-1977 & 1986-1991.  2-5 ADA (Vulcan-Chaperrell -Stinger Air Defense Bn.) which was a separate Bn. 2AD NCO Academy was Baumholder, Germany. As we would say then "at the end of the railroad track", during 1956-57, one of the best NCO Academies in Europe, eventually it was disbanded in 1957.  .HHB 2AD DIVARTY, HBtry, 25th FA (Target Acquisition), 45th Chemical Company, and B Btry, 20th FA (MLRS).   it is now part of 2/20 FA BN (MLRS)--4ID. A/92 FA (MLRS 1975, 2nd Bn 66th Armor was the first tank unit that rotated to Grafenwoehr ,..1/67 was the only A-2 battalion and stayed behind.1st Bn 3 FA? 

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