The WW II memorial projects listed below are all projects that the  late Howard Swonger had been  involved in. Some have been completed, others are committed to and are in different stages of completion. Ron Swonger (email: is now involved since our father's death. Hopefully all will be completed by the villages named.  

Brehal, France: (Approved in early stages )

Stone, Charles E, 1st Lt. ASN 0-676673 : Pilot in the 67th Group, 109 TAC Squadron, out of Middle Wallop Hunts base, England, flying a P-51 AAF SN. 43-12156 shot down east of Brehal , Fr/ on edge of Le Mesnil, Fr., on 6 June 1944. We have contacted the surviving family of Lt. Charles E. Stone regarding this dedication. Dedication is postponed due to a disagreement on where to place the stone.

Brehall, France: T/4 Arthur L. Muthig, ASN # 34264439, from Florence Alabama. & Pvt. Berlin E. Fenton, ASN 35873398 from West Union , Ohio., were 86th Recon men from the 6th Armored will be included in this memorial they were KIA here on 30 July 1944. ( Pending memorial for all three men under development for dedication in the spring of 2002. more later here ) We have made contact with the family of Berlin E. Fenton. Your help would be appreciated in contacting the family of Arthur L. Muthig. This memorial same as the one for Lt. Stone. Contact Ron Swonger

La Besliere, France ( Completed )

Markle, Donald J. 2nd Lt. O-694170, 486th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group. Entered the Service from: New Jersey Died: June 10, 1944 Buried at: Plot J Row 12 Grave 20 Brittany American Cemetery St. James, France His plane a P-51, Mustang went down while on a strafing run near a small village in Normandy by the name of La Besliere, France. ( this is southwest of St. Lo., France.) Lt. Markle was from the vicinity of Dunellen, NJ. He did attended high school at Dunellen, NJ. , he was born Oct 22, 1922 in Plainfield, NJ. , and entered Rutgers university , Sept. 1941 then received an Air Force commission on 10/1/43 as a pilot. . After an intensive search with the help of the editor of the local newspaper we were able to locate relatives of Lt. Markle. We must say we were overwhelmed at the calls and email that we received from the citizens of Dunellen and vicinity. Dunellen has much to be proud of, everyone was very good to us, especially his 1940 graduating class , we did talk to a few of them, what a breath of fresh air, wonderful people and we thank them from the bottom of our heart. A memorial dedication ceremony is to take place in this small village on 22 April 2001 the relatives are going to France for the dedication. We also want to thank Major Ken Dungey and his wife Terry ( St. Denis Le Gast ) for all they do for the veterans we left behind in France, and also for the assistance they give to all veterans that come their way. This memorial has been dedicated and his living relatives did attend in May of 2001. 

La Fosse Arthour , France ( Early stages, but committed )

Here for some time we have worked on a dedication for a unit that we could not identify, now we know who they are. Actually the information early on was erroneous and led us on a wild goose chase. The unit was the 137th Infantry Regiment of the 35th Infantry Division. It is reported to us, there were 3 men killed, 12 taken prisoner and 20 men wounded,  we know for sure that 3 men were killed.  We do know the following three men were killed on the 12 August 1944, S/Sgt. Alfred A. Riddle, Pvt. Howard C. Pikey, Pfc. Charles V. Hall. and  Lt. Joseph T. Hart,  DOW on the 13 August 1944.  This memorial will be built about 3 miles NE of St. Georges De Rouelley, at the base of the cliffs where this tragedy happened on 12 August 1944 near le Gil Bouillion and  La Fosse Arthour, ( both of these villages are on the east side of the Mortain foret, NE of Barenton, France.)  We have the information and this project will move forward. , This project is ongoing , we will stay with our planned agenda. 

La-Haye-Pesnil, France ( Completed )

Mountjoy, Jesse T., 2nd Lt.: Was the pilot of a P-47, Thunderbolt, on a strafing and bombing mission over the French village of La-Haye-Pesnil, and was shot down on 31 July 1944. . He was a member of the 405th Fighter Group of the 509th Fighter Squadron. La-Haye-Pesnil is SSE of Granville, France. Lt. Mountjoy was from Horse Cave, Kentucky, and was known around the Lexington, Kentucky area. He had received the Army Air Medal, four Oak Leaf Clusters, , He received his wings on August 30, 1943. After all these years almost 56 years later they did not know where he was from just his name, now they know, another French village honors an American hero. The village will have a dedication of a memorial honoring him on the 12 November 2000. At the time of his death, he and his wife Mrs. Runelle Palmore Mountjoy were the parents of a 18 month old son. That son now lives in Utica , Kentucky,  his name is Jesse T. Mountjoy. This memorial has been dedicated, his son did visit France this summer and attended a service. Completed

Orchies, France ( unable to verify, reported in progress ) Someone from this area should let  me know just what has been completed. Updated 29 Nov.2002. 

St. Georges de Rouelley,  France 

(Completed) The dedication of this memorial took place on 30 August 2000, exactly one year from the day that we began the project.

The song "Going Home" from Dvorak's 9th Symphony that you are listening to now was played at the dedication 30 August 2000.

Dedicated to: T/5 Allen P. Robichaux, ASN: 14046298 LA., 2/Lt. William L. Shampnois ASN: 01013502, NY. Pvt. James H. Shelton ASN: 35214578 WV. of Co. "A" 82nd Recon. Bn who were Killed In Acton on the morning of 8 August 1944, one half mile west of St. Georges de Rouelley. which is just west of Domfront. France. (south of St. Lo, France) Also, to all other members of A Co. 82nd RECON Bn., who were Killed In Action, the ones that are now deceased and the ones that are living.

 The citizens of this town did not know that three Americans were killed here on 8 August 1944, or the unit that was involved. We will place this memorial along the road to make sure they will not be forgotten by all that pass this way. The funds to build this memorial will be contributed by citizens of St. Georges de Rouelley (Rouelles) and surrounding areas, other funds will come from those that were former members Co. "A", 82nd Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Armored Division

We were able to retrieve (on August 30, 1999) from around the site about 19 pieces of the M-8 that was pushed into the side area of the road where it was hit, ( the M-8 was hit by a enemy 88mm 55 years ago on 8 August 1944. ) all of those pieces will go in the base. The dedication took place on the 30 August 2000. Attending the formal unveiling and the dedication ceremony from the United States, were the following: Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kilpatrick, and son Bill. Mr. & Mrs. Howard Swonger, son Ronald and guest Ms. Tara Stewart. Also attending were the family of Lt. William Shampnois, Mr. & Mrs. Everette Shampnois and son Brian. (Everette was the younger brother of Lt. Shampnois) 


Picture of Monument

This memorial stone now standing just west of St. Georges De Rouelley.

We thank Mayor Raymond Bechet, the people of St. Georges De Rouelley, Major Dungey & Terry Dungey,  and the many others in France who made this memorial a realty. Here we leave for all times a reminder that all men who fought for freedom, wherever it may be, should be recognized, and the people they fight for should know who they were and where they came from. ( Written by Howard Swonger, 30 August 2000 ) 

Sponsored solely by the above, the living members of CO. A, 82nd Reconnaissance Bn. of the 2nd Armored Division, and by the citizens of of St. Georges De Rouelley, France

L to R- Mr. Ronald Swonger,  son of Howard Swonger, Mayor Claude Lemenorel , St. Sever-Calvados, This picture taken after the ceremony.  8 June 2002

8 June 2002, Dedication Ceremony, St. Sever-Calvados, France 

All of the above is one more effort to finally after all the time has passed by to have the 2nd Armored Division recognized for what they were able to accomplish in WW 2. Also to preserve the names of the veterans that were killed in action,  that they may be known by name,  by the people that live nearby, , That the relatives of the veterans that lost their lives here be afforded the opportunity to attend the dedication ceremony, to bond with the French people. This is our 4th memorial project for the veterans of the 2nd Armored all done under the auspices of the,  and the citizens of St. Sever-Calvados, Fr. 

Memorial Roll Call list to be installed in 2 City Halls in Normandy, France. 

We have now received the approval from the Mayor of St. Georges De Rouelley, and Notre Dame de Cenilly, France that they will install the honor roll of men women  of the 2nd Armored Killed in Action in their respective area during WW 2.  I am now preparing both lists to forward to them this week. If you have a loved on that was KIA within the confines of these dates send me their names, from 6 June 1944 thru 19 August 1944. I need your help to make this list include all who lost their lives during this period of time. 

Samree, Belgium: 

10 January 1945, Sgt. John T. Graham, ASN 12088143, 12 January 1945, Pfc. Everett W. Christensen, ASN: 36229833., T/5. Issac Duhon, ASN: 14010211. Pfc. John V. McMahon, Medic, ASN: 13171066. Many others of the 2nd were also KIA around Samree. All from 82nd Rcn. 

Holland Memorial

Not involved in this project except to help promote on the web site. 

Information available from Ron Swonger by email... or email Arno Lasoe at  We ask all to assist Arno if they can he is doing a good job, please do what you can for him.